“Wine for us is history, roots and culture but also and mostly pleasantness and conviviality, what this would be without someone to share and to talk to?”

Paolo Vergnano

From 2020 Cascina Gilli decided to open its own Wine Club, to follow a natural flow that has led over time to gather around the company, an increasing number of wine lovers. Loyal customers with whom to share their passion and travel the present and the future of winery together.

Entering the Wine Club means, above all, take part of a place of sharing and friendship, joining dedicated events and rendezvous, where it is possible to taste historical vintages from the Vergnano family private collection, reserve and get an exclusive preview of the new vintages of wines and purchase products at privileged conditions.

In addition, guided tours of the company are offered to the members of the Wine Club in combination with tailored experiences to taste the soul of the Cascina and its territory.

Welcome friends aboard our Club!

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For more information and for subscribing to the wine club please write to info@cascinagilli.it

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