Piemonte DOC Bonarda Sernú


Cascina Gilli has played an important role in rescuing two grape varieties, Freisa and Malvasia, which during the years had been unfairly neglected.
Today we are focusing our commitment towards another grape variety, almost forgotten, but which finds a soft spot in our hearts: Bonarda Piemonte.
Usually Bonarda is produced slightly sparkling, but we have made a limited production of this Bonarda Piemonte in a still version, dedicated to our most loyal customers. The result is our Bonarda Sernù, a wine with a delicate bouquet, yet full and generous that seduces the taster. Its measured alcohol and acidity allow full scope to the admirable balance of its fruit. Part of the wine briefly ages in oak barrels.

Variety: 100% Bonarda
Vinification and aging: Stainless steel
Soil type: Gray-blue clayey marl
Altitude and exposure: 380m s.l.m. / SSO
Cultivation system: Guyot
Manual harvest


The grapes are left to ferment six-eight days at a temperature of 26°, so to obtain a good extraction of colour, which has purple hues.
After the malolactic fermentation and the settling the wine stays partly in oak barrels and partly in stainless steel for over a year.
Only the following spring the wine is assembled in the bottle, where it settles for some months.


  • Vini d'Italia 2019
    Gambero Rosso
  • Vini Buoni d'Italia 2015
    Touring Club Italiano
    Golden Star
  • Vini d'Italia 2015
    Gambero Rosso
  • Bibenda 2015
    Associazione Italiana Sommelier
  • Bibenda 2014
    Associazione Italiana Sommelier
  • Vini Buoni d'Italia 2010
    Touring Club Italiano