Piemonte DOC Bonarda Frizzante Moyé

Piemonte DOC Bonarda Frizzante Moyé


Bonarda is one of Piedmont’s venerable and prized grape varieties, as well as a wine typical of the Oltrepò Pavese area. We produce limited amounts of our bonarda, with its refines nose of red berry fruit enriched by nuances of spice, subtle but recognisable. The slight effervescence of Moyè increases the appeal of its palate, bringing ou its freshness without compromising its complexity. Served chilled, it is wonderful with marinates and stews, or with Piedmont’s traditional fritto misto.

Variety: 100% Bonarda
Vinification and aging: Acciaio Inox, natural refermentation in autoclave
Soil type: Grey-blue clayey marl
Altitude and exposure: 380m s.l.m. / SSE
Cultivation system: Guyot
Manual harvest


Once the alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts is over, the new wine is stored for some months at 18°, so to help the fulfilment of the malolactic fermentation.
It follows natural settling with the separation of the deposits and a refinement in steel barrels. In spring, shortly before bottling, we add a small amount of sweet wine; it starts a new fermentaton which enriches the Bonarda of its typical bubbles, making it a very pleasant and easy to drink wine.


  • Vini Buoni d'Italia 2020
    Touring Club Italiano
  • Vini buoni d'Italia 2017
    Touring Club Italiano
  • I Vini d'Italia 2016
  • I Vini d'Italia 2014
  • Vini buoni d'Italia 2013
    Touring Club Italiano
  • I Vini d'Italia 2011
    Bonarda dell'anno