Freisa d'Asti Doc Il Forno


This wine will delight Freisa lovers since the very first taste, offering them a perfect balance of body, flavours and acidity. The colour is an intense ruby red; the nose has delicate hints of wild berries, an intensified raspberry with a lighter trace of blackberryand rose, a combination which surprises. Fresh and at the same time velvety, it is embracing on the palate.
It’s a Freisa much softer and more structured than usual, the tannic note, typical of this vine, are here reduced. Excellent if served with meat, mild mature cheese and also with more demanding dishes like braised beef.

Variety: 100% Freisa
Vinification and aging: Stainless steel
Soil type: Grey-blue clayey marl
Altitude and exposure: 360m s.l.m. / SSO
Cultivation system: Guyot
Manual harvest


The skin is left on the grapes for 5-6 days, soaked in the must with frequent mixing to obtain a good extraction of the colour. This operation restricts also the transfer of the tannin present in big quantifies in Freisa grapes.
The wine is stored in the steel barrels for one year to preserve its characteristics and the freshness of its fruit.
Bottled after 12 moths, it matures in the bottle for some months and can be preserved for several years.


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    Luca Maroni
  • I Vini di Veronelli 2021
    86 pt.
  • Vini d'Italia 2021
    Gambero Rosso
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    Touring Club Italiano
  • Vini d'Italia 2020
    Gambero Rosso
  • Wine Awards 2020
    The Wine Hunter
  • Vini d'Italia 2019
    Gambero Rosso
  • Berebene 2018
    Gambero Rosso
    Premio Qualità/Prezzo
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    Medaglia d'Oro
  • VIni buoni d'Italia 2018
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    Miglior Freisa d'Asti
  • Vini d'Italia 2017
    Gambero Rosso