Malvasia di
Castelnuovo Don Bosco DOC

Malvasia di
Castelnuovo Don Bosco DOC


Gilli is a midly effervescent sweet red wine with low alcohol content (5.5%) made from one of the most appealing aromatic red grapes, the Malvasia di Schierano. It is characterized by an unusual marriage of freshness and aromatic complexity. Wild red berry fruit is evident on the nose, along with fascinating hints of blossoms, particularly wisteria and iris. Served well chilled (6-8°C), it is ideal with different types of desserts as well as with fresh fruit and petits fours.

Variety: Malvasia di Schierano and Malvasia Nera Lunga
Vinification and aging: Acciaio Inox, natural refermentation in autoclave
Soil type: Gray-blue clayey marl
Altitude and exposure: 380m a.s.l. / S
System of cultivation: Guyot
Manual harvest


The grapes are softly pressed, the skins and the must are left together for a brief fermentation period to extract the colour and to obtain some degrees of alcohol. The must is preserved at low temperature so to keep its natural freshness and perfumes. Before bottling it, it is afterwards re-fermented in an autoclave, with the help of selected yeasts until the alcohol content reaches 5,5° and the must assumes its typical vivacity.
Before bottling it, the wine is micro-filtered to obtain optimal conservation and stop any further fermentation.


  • Vini d'Italia 2021
    Gambero Rosso
  • I Vini di Veronelli 2021
  • Vini Buoni d'Italia 2020
    Touring Club Italiano
  • Vini d'Italia 2020
    Gambero Rosso
  • Vini d'Italia 2019
    Gambero Rosso
  • Guide des Vins International 2018
    Gilbert & Gaillard
    Medaglia d'Oro
  • Autochtona Award 2017
    Miglior Vino Dolce
  • CWSA 2016
    China Wine and Spirits Award
    Piedmont Wine of the Year
  • Premio Nazionale Etichetta d'Oro 2016
    Museo Internazionale dell'Etichetta del Vino
  • Bibenda 2015
    Associazione Italiana Sommelier