Rosso da Uve Stramature Dlicà

Rosso da Uve Stramature Dlicà


It’s a sweet meditation wine, made by the natural drying of the best grapes of Malvasia. It is characterized by intense aromatic notes and ruby red color, with a delicate and fine bouquet. Above subtoe notes of wisteria, they stand out notes of red fruit jam, raspberry and blackberry, wrapper in delicate shades of dried rose. In the mouth the impact is warm, particularly deep, delineating a wine that is rich in taste, soft and persistent. Ideal combination for different types of desserts and herbaceous cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 8-10°c.

Vitigno: Malvasia di Schierano and Malvasia Nera Lunga
Vinificazione e affinamento: Stainless Steel
Tipologia del terreno: Gray-blue clayey marn
Altitudine ed esposizione: 380m a.s.l. / S
Sistema di allevamento: Guyot
Manual harvest


During the most dry and favourable years, a little amount of grapes is left on the vines until November; they are harvested and gently pressed. After a long fermentation, which hets interrupted spontaneously at 13 alcohol degrees, the wine matures for one year in steel in order to reach the perfect balance. The evolution continues for other six months in the bottle


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    Gambero Rosso
  • Vini d'Italia 2017
    Gambero Rosso
  • Vini Buoni d'Italia 2016
    Touring Club Italiano
    Golden Star
  • Premio Nazionale Etichetta d'Oro 2016
    Museo Internazionale dell'Etichetta del Vino
  • I Vini d'Italia 2016