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Malvasia di Schierano is the traditional and super local #Malmsey vine in Castelnuovo Don Bosco in nort west Italy. It is red here, and it traditionally produces here a sweet red wine

🍇 Malvasia is named from the Greek city of Monembasia, from where the Venetian used to import this vine 500 years ago.
🍷 Tradition is important, but innovation is in the air in @cascinagilli, this Sparkling rosé from Malvasia di Schierano is their brand new product
🐟 I paired it to another gift from ancient Venetian to Italy: Baccalá alla Vicentina, stockfish cooked 4 hours in onion, olive oil and milk
➡️ Soft and aromatic, the wine balances the salty fish and aromatic onions, while the bubbles and the sapidy clean up your mouth from the fat and milky fish
📣 Winelovers, what is your favourite Malvasia?