New certification “Sustainable quality”

Our winery has recently obtained the certification  SQNPI “National Quality System of Integrated production“. We’ve always been attentive to the improvement aimed at biodiversity  and the practise of a sustainable viticulture and the  implementation of an agriculture that respects the environment.

Rules are aimed at the enhancement of agricultural and agri-food production and provide in particular the integrated production process that combines good agronomic practices with sustainable vineyard treatments to guarantee cost-effective agricultural practices – and at the same time – a low environmental impact.

What SQNPI foresees:

-The definition of National Guidelines which represent an instrument of direction aimed at an ever greater harmonization of the regional “Technical Regulations”, in compliance with the climatic / environmental, cultural and phytosanitary peculiarities that distinguish the various agricultural areas of the Italian territory. They indicate the intervention criteria, agronomic solutions and strategies to be adopted for crop protection and weed control, with a view to reducing the impact on humans and the environment, allowing for economically sustainable production.

-The adoption of Regional integrated production regulations (approved by MIPAAF) and the implementation of a stricht traceability system aimed at demonstrating that certified products come from farms that apply the mentioned regulations: