The company

Recovering the historical vine varieties, like Freisa and Malvasia, enhancing the territory’s typicity with its expressions of grapes such as Barbera and Nebbiolo. This is the goal that has always characterized the adventure as a wine producer of Cascina Gilli, which started in 1983 with Gianni Vergnano. Today the company bears the merit of having gradually brought to light the indigenous varieties and territories outside the usual regional routes. The perfect varietal recognizability and natural expression, have led over time the winery labels to become a “reference” for the respective types.



Cascina Gilli’s estate is located on a ridge of white soil hill, within a territory historically vocated to quality wine production. This valley, composed of Marne di Sant’Agata common only to a limited number of terroirs, is at the base of wines rich of intense bouquet and elegant body. First released bottles were the ones of Freisa d’Asti on the still version, vintage 1985, with the aim of bringing this type of product to the highest quality target it deserves. Few years later, the company started producing Malvasia, getting enthusiastic reviews by wine critis. Today the winery is growing 12 hectares of vineyards and besides the continuous experimentation and reseach on Freisa and Malvasia, has extended its production to others historical DOC connected to this land, like Nebbiolo, Barbera and Bonarda.


The land

Nestled among the sweet Monferrato hills, the winery is located in Castelnuovo Don Bosco. Following the suggestive path on the hillside leading to Albugnano village, it is easy to notice Cascina Gilli estate villa, rising up with its ochre tower, portico-lined terraces, and the surrounding park. The villa, dating back to 1700 is next to the historical Cascina, with its tasting room and spacious courtyard with superb view over the vineyards. It alone is worth a visit, but for those who want to be enchanted by this corner of Piemonte, numerous are the places of interest, from the Romanesque churches until the Lavender field, the trekking paths, the Castles and middle age villages on the high grounds.

Don't miss out on every single drop

We do research, cultivate and take care of our vines, waiting for nature to run its course. We harvest, we bottle, taste, and then travel with our wine, filling glasses and trying to enhanche each food pairing. There are many stories to tell around our winery…

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